Why Guardiome


Whole-Genome Sequencing

Other genomics companies might genotype (lookup) limited sites or sequence just a tiny fraction of your genome. But we perform whole-genome sequencing using the most powerful DNA sequencer Illumina HiSeq X, reading every letter of your genome 30 times. You get all 23 pairs of chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA - your whole genome.


Ultimate Privacy & Security 

Other genomics companies might keep your genomic data and use it for various purposes. But we process your genomic data privately, securely, and without keeping any of it. We securely transport your sample and keep your genomic data encrypted and disconnected from the Internet. Using proprietary DNA cryptography, we encrypt and store your genome in your Genome Vault, accessible only to you. Lastly, we perform data-erasure to remove any of your genomic data from our system. We keep nothing and you own your genome.



Unlimited Analysis 

Other genomics companies read part of your genome to tell a little bit about you, just once. But we sequence your whole genome and give you the tool to look up any variant, gene, or region in your genome so you can keep discovering yourself for life. As science advances, the Genome Apps community continuously creates new Genome Apps, recipes for analyzing yourself. With your whole genome, a tool to explore it, and Genome Apps to understand it, the possibilities are endless.


Lifetime Support

Your genome is timeless, and therefore our service is too. As we develop new software and hardware, we’ll update yours free of charge. Contact us anytime and we’ll respond thoroughly and quickly to your questions or requests. We’re committed to connecting you and your genome, for life.


With Guardiome,

you own your genome.