Our Story

There was once a young cancer survivor turned computational biologist. After analyzing many cancer patient genomes, he wanted to know about his risk for relapse. But after a great deal of research, all he found were sequencing services that used low-quality sequencers, sequenced limited genomic regions, withheld the raw data, or risked privacy. He and his college sweetheart decided that day — they were going to change that. It was time for a company to provide whole genome sequencing, a wide range of genomic analysis, and complete data privacy. 

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Today, we're happy to say that we realized this vision, and even happier to say that at this moment, our customers are freely learning about their genomes in complete privacy.

Our Support


We would not be where we are without much wisdom and guidance from the people below. Thank you for supporting our vision, lending us your perspectives, and inspiring us to deliver the best genomics service possible.