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All of you

Genetic testing companies look at bits and pieces of your DNA, but your whole genome can tell you much more. We sequence your whole genome — all 23 chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA.

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Explore your genome comfortably

Omics Lab is home for your genome sequence. Its a fully functional Lenovo Yoga touchscreen 2-in-1 laptop running Ubuntu. Best of all, its 360 degree folding screen allows you to explore you genome in tablet mode, which feels — magical.

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Your all-in-one genome analysis station

Omics Lab comes loaded with Omics AI, our powerful genome analysis application. Omics AI lets you to search for any region, gene, or variant in your genome and run unlimited analyses, called Omics Apps, on your genome.

Self-discovery — delivered monthly

Every month, new Omics Apps based on the latest scientific discoveries are available on Omics AI. As sciences progresses, so will your understanding of your genome. (35).png
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You're in control

We don't keep any of your genomic data, or give anyone access to it — except you. In fact your Omics Lab, and accompanying external hard drive, will safely store the only copies of your Guardiome genome sequence in existence.

The process is easy



Your DNA sample kit will arrive within three business days.



Provide your saliva sample and mail it back to us in the pre-paid package.



Receive your Omics Lab within about 6 weeks*.

*Omics Lab delivery times may vary

We're always here for you

Your genome is timeless, and therefore our service is too. As we improve our software, you'll get free updates on your Omics Lab. Contact us anytime and we’ll respond quickly and thoroughly to your questions or requests. We’re committed to connecting you and your genome, for life.