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Bioinformatic analyses for your genome


Wisdom from your genome

Omics Apps are genome analysis packages that harness current scientific knowledge to give you insight into your personal traits.

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Simple results

Though the analyses can be complex, the easy to understand results will put you at ease — no science degree required here.

Carefully crafted

Our experienced team of bioinformaticians pass all Omics Apps through a rigorous quality control pipeline so you can feel confident in your results.

50 and counting...

New Omics Apps based on the latest science are released monthly. 


A rapidly growing omics analysis platform

Our thriving community of passionate Omics Apps developers from all over the world turn biological knowledge into powerful bioinformatic analyses for your genome. They are biologists, physicists, computer scientists, and experts in their fields. Most importantly, they are dedicated to helping you fully benefit from the available scientific knowledge of the human genome. (49).png

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