Omics AI

The genome exploring app

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A lens for your genome

It used to be that if you wanted to actively learn about your genome, you would need a science degree and a lot of time — until now. Omics AI is the easy to use app that lets you search and analyze your genome.

Genome search — anytime, anywhere

With Omics AI, you can read about an interesting genomic variant one minute, and know if you have it the next minute. Just like you would use Google to find restaurants in your area, you can uses Omics AI to search for a region, gene, or variant in your genome.

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Search any region within your 3 billion base pairs.


Search any of your 20,000 genes.


Search any of the 300 million + known variants. 

Wisdom from your genome

Omics Apps are genome analysis packages that harness current scientific knowledge to give you insight into your personal traits. Omics Apps are built into Omics AI, so you’ll have access to all of them in Omics AI.

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Self-discovery — delivered monthly

Every month, new Omics Apps based on the latest scientific discoveries are available on Omics AI. As sciences progresses, so will your understanding of your genome.