How It Works


If you already have your genome sequenced, get Genome AI and start exploring your existing genomic data. If not, own your genome with 3 easy steps.



Order Genome Vault and your sampling kit will arrive within 3 business days.


Provide your saliva sample and mail it back to us in the pre-paid package.


Receive your Genome Vault within about 6 weeks*, and now you own your genome.

*Genome Vault delivery times may vary.


You're safe with us.

We keep your genomic data private and secure. We securely transport your sample and keep your genomic data encrypted and disconnected from the Internet. Using proprietary DNA cryptography, we encrypt and store your genome in your Genome Vault, accessible only to you. Lastly, we perform data-erasure to remove any of your genomic data from our system. We keep nothing and you own your genome.