Privacy and Security




Why should I care about my genomic privacy?

By forfeiting your ownership to your genome, insurance companies can make you overpay without you ever knowing. The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) of 2008 fails to fully protect you from genomic discrimination. GINA offers weak penalties for genomic discrimination and doesn’t apply to life, disability, and long-term care insurers. With your genomic information, these companies could raise your premiums without you ever knowing. Once your genome has been sequenced by a corporation or hospital, you expose yourself to genomic discrimination. If you carry genes that increase your risk of diseases like dementia or cancer, industry history indicates that you will be denied coverage altogether. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission allows your employer to increase your insurance cost by 30% if you don’t tell them your DNA-testing results. You also risk your family’s privacy and security. When you expose yourself to genomic discrimination and exploitation, you’re also exposing your entire family and all future descendants. Most direct-to-consumer DNA testing companies have a conflict of interest in protecting your genomic data because they profit most from your data. They offer genetic testing for a deceptively low price, but they are able to do so only by profiting from your data. Using Guardiome allows you to take matters into your own hands.
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How does Guardiome ensure my privacy?

We securely transport your sample and genomic data, which is encrypted off the sequencer and kept disconnected from the Internet. We never duplicate your genomic data during our bioinformatics pipeline. Then using our proprietary DNA cryptography, we encrypt your genome into a Guardiome. Finally, we perform data-erasure to remove any of your genomic information from our system. Even if the FBI asks us for your genomic information, we just don’t have it or the ability to access it.
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Who should get a Genome Vault?

Anyone who wants to know about their own DNA and values security and privacy.
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Why should I buy now, rather than later?

The sooner you know about yourself, the more you can do with that knowledge. Also, aren’t you curious?
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What is Guardiome's refund policy?

Because we provide a personal genomics service and do not have any copy of your genomic information, sample, or the ability to access your Guardiome, we cannot offer you any refund, conventional warranty, replacement, or password recovery. Yet, we stand behind our product. If the product is defective, contact us and we will do our best to address the problem.
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Why is the Genome Vault $3100?

DNA extraction and whole genome sequencing at 30X coverage is about $1700. Additional costs include genome alignment, Genome Vault materials, Genome Vault building, Genome Vault accessories, and Genome AI software. For whole genome sequencing, alignment, and analysis, in addition to lifetime and unlimited Guardiome updates, it’s well worth it.
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Can I order a Genome Vault for my child?

Yes. Many customers are eager to see and learn about their children’s genome.
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Why is there no other company like Guardiome?

Other direct-to-consumer DNA-testing companies only sequence a tiny fraction of your DNA and profit from your genomic data. We sequence all of your DNA and let you keep everything. We satisfy the unmet need of people who want to know about their DNA and value privacy and security. No other genomics company does that.
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What type of sampling kit is it?

It's a saliva sampling kit. You spit and you're done.
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How do I make sure I give a good sample?

Follow the instructions in the saliva sample kit. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email
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How quickly do I need to return my sample and password sheet?

The sooner you send them in, the sooner you’ll get your Genome Vault. But no rush, your saliva sample is safe in the sample tube.
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Does Guardiome accept sample types other than saliva?

Yes we do. If there’s a different tissue type that you’d like to sequence, such as blood, contact
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Why should I care about my genome sequence?

Your genome is your entire DNA sequence. Together with the environment, your genome makes you who you are. You can make better financial, health, and other life decisions if you know and understand your DNA.
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How will my genome be sequenced?

Your whole genome, all 23 chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA, is sequenced at 30X coverage using an Illumina Hi-Seq X, the world’s most powerful DNA sequencer.
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How accurate is it?

We use Illumina HiSeqX, the highest level sequencer out there today. It's 99.9% accurate.
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Data Processing




Will you analyze my genome for me?

We create the tools (Genome AI and Genome Apps) to analyze your genome, and you decide what analysis (Genome App) to run, or what gene or mutation to search. Its your genome, and your exploration.
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Can I trust that the analyses are accurate?

Analyses are based off findings in high quality, peer reviewed scientific papers that Guardiome reviews again for quality control. We ensure Genome App results are phrased accurately and responsibly. With Genome Apps we connect you with the latest high quality genomic research, and do so transparently.
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Does Guardiome provide genetic counseling services?

We don't provide genetic counseling, but our products are made so that you can share your genomic data with a genetic counselors if you choose to do so. When you receive your Genome Vault, you'll also receive a hard-drive with your genomic data that you can keep to yourself or give to a doctor or genetic counsler. Your genome is in your own hands.
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What file formats will my genome be in on the Genome Vault?

The files will be in VCF format, displaying your genomic variants, the differences between you and the average human.
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Will I recieve a copy of my genomic data?

Yes, you will receive each of these file formats on a separate hard drive: FASTQ (raw reads from sequencing), FASTA (the reference human genome sequence), SAM (aligned genome, your complete genome sequence), VCF (your genomic variants, the differences between you and the average human).
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Product Information




Can Genome AI, Genome Vault, and Genome Apps be used by someone without a science background?

Yes, that's what they are designed for.
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Can Genome AI, Genome Vault, and Genome Apps give medical advice?

No, they cannot give medical advice and are not intended to do so. If you are seeking medical advice, however, you can take your genomic data given to you on a hard drive and discuss it with your doctor.
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Will I get software & hardware updates?

Yes, you'll get updates for Genome AI, Genome Vault, and Genome Apps for free, always.
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